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Close up, side view of the Cool Runnings Bug – a beetle painted in Rastafarian colours.

Cool Runnings Bug Detail, Jamaica.

A red beetle sits below a shell-marked wall on the Mount of Olives.

The John Player Special, Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, Israel.

A white, wheeless beetle sits on four upturned oil drums.

Blocked Beetle, Maine, USA.

A range of coloured beetles await repair in a dirt yard.

Beetle Garage, Kisii, Kenya.

Detail of surf stickers and board fins on red surf beetle.

Beetle Boards, Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

An old beetle sits below a sign reading “Japan Motor Works”.

Japan Motor Works, Savar, Bangladesh.

A sideless beetle sits on the roadside below banana trees.

Sideless Beetle, Jamaica.

A red and two black old beetles await repair at the side of the road.

Old Beetles, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Rear view of old beetle sitting on oil drum.

Old Oval Window Bug, Sri Lanka.

Detail of blue beetle with plants growing inside.

Greenhouse Beetle, Rockport, Maine, USA.

A taxi driver gives a welcoming wave from his yellow beetle taxi.

¡Hola! Mexico City, Mexico.

Side view of the Cool Runnings Bug – a beetle painted in Rastafarian colours.

Cool Runnings Bug, Jamaica.

Colour picture of black and white beetles parked above a garage awaiting repair.

Black and White Beetles, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

A red beetle sits with a collapsed wheel on the side of the road.

Flat Wheel Bug, Poznan, Poland.

Side view of red, homemade convertible beetle sits on a surf beach adorned by surf stickers and boards.

Surf Check Beetle, Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

A yellow beetle without a bonnet.

Bonnetless Beetle, Jamaica.

Detail of yellow beetle with a “4WD” and “Becks” beer logo on each panel.

Becks Beetle, Sri Lanka.

A beetle with a Roll Royce grill.

Rolls Royce Bug, Jamaica.

A green beetle awaits repair.

Green Beetle, Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

A lady cooks on an outside stove set up next to a ruined blue beetle.

Cooking Bug, Moshi, Tanzania.

A red beetle sits on blocks in a beetle graveyard.

Red Beetle on Blocks, Managua, Nicaragua.

Yellow beetles race round Mexico City in great numbers.

Beetle City, Mexico City, Mexico.

A beetle with a wing and bonnet missing sits on blocks below a carburettors sign.

Carburettors, Tel Aviv, Israel.

A beetle sits on blocks outside a ruined house.

Gondar, Ethiopia.

Detail of rich blue door panel.

Blue Door Beetle, Sri Lanka.

A man sits outside a bar with a ruined beetle in the background.

Beetle Bar, Jamaica.

A car transporter carrying yellow beetle taxis around Mexico city.

Beetle Carrier, Mexico City, Mexico.

An overgrown beetle emerges from the trees.

Green Trees Beetle, Nicaragua.

A blue beetle with a white, go faster diagonal stripe sits on blocks in the Blue Mountains.

Go Faster, Blue Mountains, Jamaica.

A red beetle sits in a classic Mexican city street.

Street Beetle, Mexico.

Workers in a beetle garage sit chatting on a welding bottle in front of a green beetle.

Beetle Chat, Moshi, Tanzania.

A blue beetle sits amongst the traditional buildings of Durbar Square.

Durbar Square Bug, Kathmandu, Nepal.

White beetle adorned with L-plates and driving school sign.

Kilimanjaro Driving School, Moshi, Tanzania.

A red, homemade convertible beetle sits on a surf beach adorned by surf stickers and boards.

Surfing Bug, Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

A yellow beetle sits, stuck into the ground in the hills above Managua.

Yellow Mountain Beetle, Nicaragua.

A Rastafarian sits smoking on the bonnet of his Rolls Royce-fronted, converted beetle.

Rastafarian Rolls Bug, Jamaica.

Looking down into Sanjaya Motors garage with old beetles awaiting repair.

Sanjaya Motors, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

A dusty beetle with no wheels sits forlornly under a corrugated roof.

Dusty Bug, Machakos, Kenya.

Front detail of white beetle with hand-cut wing.

Rough Cut Wing, Nicaragua.

An abandoned body sits beside the road on blocks.

Rusty Shell, Jamaica.

A white beetle left so long that its wing has dropped onto the floor.

Winged Beetle, Moshi, Tanzania.

Front section of beetle propped up on blocks.

White Bug on Blocks, Sri Lanka.

A wrecked beetle is overlooked by local Afghans.

Mourning the Dead, Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

A wrecked beetle lies beneath a wall in a steel yard.

Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

A wheeless beetle sits on an oil drum.

Drum Beetle, Sri Lanka.