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Detail of side panels of beetle painted in Rastafarian colours saying “cool run bug”.

Cool Run Bug Detail, Jamaica.

A garage owner proudly shows a painting of a beetle while standing next to ruined beetle.

“And Here’s One I Prepared Earlier”, Sri Lanka.

Two white Beetle wings sit awaiting fitting.

White Beetle Wings, Sri Lanka.

A collection of old parts lie in odd positions over a Beetle chassis.

Once A Beetle, Sri Lanka

Close up abstract of a side door of a Combi with a blue stripped side section

Blue Stripe Combi, Sri Lanka

Abstract of striped Combi with front wheel arch

Wheel Arch Stripes, Sri Lanka

View from drivers window of customised interior and beach beyond.

Surf Beetle Interior, Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

Front wing of surf beetle with sharks jaw around headlight.

Shark Tooth Beetle, Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

Blue combi front with outline of VW logo rusted into metalwork.

Blue Logo, Managua, Nicaragua.

Orange combi front and badge with Nicaraguan numberplate LYO992.

Nicaragua Libre, Managua, Nicaragua.

An upended orange and white combi rear used as a toilet.

Combi Loo, Managua, Nicaragua.

Front passenger seat of combi with springs exposed, sits inside old combi with missing door.

Sprung Upholstery, Managua, Nicaragua.

Collection of beetle and combi parts in the style of the artist Mondrian.

Mondrian Parts, Managua, Nicaragua.

Ruined Beetle interior.

Old Interior, Managua, Nicaragua.

Number plate and white logo on grey combi front.

Grey Logo, Managua, Nicaragua.

A red wingless beetle on blocks with an orange combi background.

Orange and Red, Managua, Nicaragua.

Blue split screen combi with large white logo, twisted in an accident.

Split Screen Smash, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Side of white combi with base of old combi upturned in gulley.

“Dini Motor”, Manilla, Philippines.

Red beetle rear with “My other car is Porsche” handpainted graffiti on back,

“My Other Car Is Porsche”, Posnan, Poland.

Red and white combi rear surrounded in rocks.

Rock Combi, La Libertad, El Salvador

A convertible beetle used for storing old parts.

Parts Convertible, Maine, USA.

A garage owner pushes up the roller door of his workshop to expose a beetle rear.

Opening Time, Maine USA.

A rusty Karmann Ghia sits in the sunset under some trees.

Karmann Trees, Maine, USA.

Close up of an old Beetle badge on a black Beetle.

Wolfsburg Badge, Sri Lanka

A classic old Beetle interior taken from the passenger

Old Interior, Sri Lanka

Close up of white wing without headlight or indicator.

White Wing Close Up, Manilla, Philippines.